Cold Ash WI. meets on the first Wednesday of every month in the Acland Hall at 2.30pm.

We are a long established WI having been formed at the very beginning of the Womens' Institute movement.

Things have changed dramatically since those days and our meetings, for example, are much less formal than in times gone by.

We have speakers on a wide range of subjects (something for everyone) and also enjoy annual social events such as the President's teaparty and Summer party.  

Outings are organised to theatres, restaurants and pubs and places of interest.

We are always ready to welcome visitors and are delighted if, after two or three meetings they wish to join us.

They can be sure of a friendly atmosphere and most enjoyable afternoons.

Contact Olivia Wilkinson (President) on 01635 863174 if you would like any further information.

Cold Ash WI

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