St Mark’s Church

St. Marks is part of the Hermitage Team Ministry which comprises 7 churches to the North East of Newbury.

  1. St. Mark's, Cold Ash

  2. St. Mary and St. Nicolas, Compton

  3. St. Marys, East Ilsley

  4. St. Frideswide, Frilsham

  5. St. Mary's, Hampstead Norreys

  6. Holy Trinity, Hermitage

  7. St. Peter and St. Paul,Yattendon.

The TEAM is managed by Revd Rita Ball with the help of Revd Tony Lynn; Team Vicar at Yattendon & Pang, and Revd Martin Cawte is the Team Minister.

Rita Ball can be contacted by telephone on 01635 202967, Tony Lynn on 01635 201213, and Martin Cawte on 01635 578716


Services at St. Mark's are by the Sunday in the Month as shown here.

1st Sunday

8am Holy Communion 11am First Sunday Service

2nd Sunday

11am Parish Communion.

3rd Sunday

8am Holy Communion 11am Family Communion

4th Sunday

11am Parish Communion

5th Sunday

A service for the whole Team at one of the Team churches

Everyone is welcome to Worship at St. Mark's

Other activities include:

  1. Sunday School

  2. Toddlers Group (Thursdays)

  3. Prayer group (Tuesdays)

  4. Julian meetings

  5. A range of social events.

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